The Soul Creatures' Land

The Magical Powers and Imps Within Us

The Soul Creatures’ Land therapeutic cards


The Soul Creatures’ Land therapeutic cards – 155 empowerment cards designed for therapy, life coaching, education and involved parents. An Amazing emotions card game for therapists, teachers and parents. Ideal to help treat children dealing with trauma, ADHD, anger, depression and conduct disorders.


  • Therapy cards to develop an awareness of thoughts, emotions and behavior, improving social skills and coping skills and enhancing self-control.
  • Emotions cards: this tool helps children, adolescents and adults on their journey of emotional development to understand and express themselves better, improve their self-image as well as their ability to regulate their emotions and behavior.
  • Self awareness: these cards are designed to assist children, adolescents and adults in their journey of emotional and mental development. They reinforce and improve self-image and confidence in the ability to control your own behavior, better understand and express yourself and enhance your self-awareness.
  • Unique design and colorful artwork: discover the Magical Powers of the Heart within us that represent the powers of the ego together with our soul’s healing and guiding forces, and the Imps which are an image for our impulses, urges and patterns of thought and behavior, that when we’re “overtaken” by them, lead us to behave or feel in a way that’s adverse to us or people around us.
  • Easy to use: for therapists, teachers and parents alike – as part of your professional practice or at home.
  • Therapy card deck for individual or group therapy.
  • The package contains 155 unique cards and a detailed user’s guide.


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