The Soul Creatures' Land

The Magical Powers and Imps Within Us

The Soul Creatures’ Land therapeutic cards

For Parents

Tools for parents to facilitate talking with children about their emotions, improve self-confidence and enhance emotional regulation

The Soul Creatures’ Land is a language of emotions that provides unique tools for parents who seek to encourage conversations about emotions in the family and provide their children with tools to improve their self-image, manage their emotions and cope with difficulties.

This language provides parents with effective tools for various parenting challenges:

The use of this language is supported by the Soul Creatures’ Land therapy cards and the book A Journey to the Land of Imps, intended for joint reading by parents and children. This book invites everyone to embark on a fascinating journey that is filled with ideas for fun activities, discussions about issues that preoccupy children and essential tools for behavioral and emotional regulation.

A Journey to the Land of Imps is complemented by an exercise book that facilitates the use of its language, and the Soul Creatures’ Land therapy cards that greatly enrich family discussions.

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