Discover our set of therapeutic tools created to help children, adolescents and adults deal with trauma, ADHD and all conduct disorders.
Discover our therapeutic tools that help children, teenagers and adults reinforce their mental resilience, learn to believe in themselves, cope with difficulties and barriers, and express their inner world and feelings.

This toolbox is designed for therapy, life-coaching, group facilitation, education and dialogues in the family, and is suitable for all ages.

Our complete set includes:

• Our unique therapy cards, available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and Japanese
• Our therapeutic activity book loved by children. Currently available in English, Hebrew and Arabic
• A practice Workbook: with a variety of tools and ideas for internal exploration. The booklet serves as an aid in using the cards and deepening the emotional work with the book, and is suitable for working with children, teenagers and adults. Currently available in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

The Soul Creatures Land cards are available in English, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese and Hebrew.
Our book A JOURNEY TO THE LAND OF IMPS and its complementary practice booklet are available in English, Arabic and Hebrew.


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