The Soul Creatures' Land

The Magical Powers and Imps Within Us

The Soul Creatures’ Land therapeutic cards

For Educators

An innovative method for implementing an empowering language of emotions, improving teacher-student communication and setting boundaries effectively

A good teacher is first and foremost an educator: a person who sees that spark in each and every child, empowers their potential and strengths, helps them cope with their challenges and teaches them to believe in themselves.

The Soul Creatures’ Land language is a tool that facilitates discussions about emotions between teachers, counselors and students, while empowering and reinforcing their self-image, and strengthening their capability to regulate their emotions and control anger. Through these tools, children learn to recognize the impulses and emotions that drive their behavior and acquire a means to express emotions in a way that improves internal control. As a result, children develop the ability to overcome fears, anger and adverse behaviors, better cope with discipline issues and learn how to turn their weaknesses into strength.

The book A Journey to The Land of Imps and the Soul Creatures’ Land therapy cards constitute a complete program for teachers, counselors and therapists to facilitate emotional empowerment, to improve the class’ atmosphere and to facilitate discussions about emotions and emotion related issues in class. A Journey to The Land of Imps deals with daily matters faced by children, and serves as a fun and practical means to learn how to cope with anger, fear, delaying gratification, homework and more. The book provides ideas and guidelines for discussions, arts and crafts activities, and an opportunity to practice this language using the A Journey to the Land of Imps exercise book.

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