The Soul Creatures' Land

The Magical Powers and Imps Within Us

The Soul Creatures’ Land therapeutic cards


A JOURNEY TO THE LAND OF IMPS is an exceptional therapeutic book that’s easily relatable by children, and practical for parents and therapists to enhance communication and help develop personal and social skills.

A group of courageous children embark on a fascinating journey in search of the vanished magical powers. In this journey, children discover how to identify their ‘imps’ (negative patterns of behavior and thinking), learn tricks and ideas to tame and diminish them, and learn how to evoke their ‘magical powers’ (empowering and adaptive behavior and thinking).

  • Through humor and a simple language – this therapeutic children’s book provides children with behavioral tools to help them understand that they can control their choices and behavior.
  • Developing Personal & Social skills – this activity book is ideal for personal and group work; at home, at school and in clinics. Developing personal and social skills in a fun and fascinating way that draws people closer together.
  • Self-awareness activities – this therapeutic book offers a variety of creative ideas for activities, dialogues and processes for children to learn how to apply self-regulation techniques, express feelings appropriately, control their anger and impulses, cope with fear, frustration and negative behavior patterns.
  • An effective tool to empower children – this book using NLP and CBT techniques illustrates various issues that are common in children’s lives allowing most children to identify with the characters and relate with the story. Ideal to help treat children dealing with trauma, ADHD, anger, depression and conduct disorders.
  • Easy to use – This therapeutic children’s book contains detailed instructions for parents, teachers and therapists, together with suggestions for complementary activities according to the story.
  • Written by Efrat Maayan, clinical psychologist, Jungian and animal assisted therapist

The Soul Creatures’ Land card deck complements the book A Journey to the Land of Imps and forms a comprehensive tool package to implement the Soul Creatures’ Land system and language.


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