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Shipping policy

We ship within 1 business day after order is placed.

Worldwide delivery within 10-14 business days from our international warehouses in North America and the Middle East, minimizing transport time and harm to the environment. As a customer oriented company, we provide our customers with a tracking number so you may track your order step by step – upon departure from our warehouses until it arrives at your door.

Please make sure you indicate your full address in capital letter together with your phone number for maximum delivery guarantee.

We use ECO POST as our primary forwarding provider. Please allow 10-14 business days for your order to arrive.

We employ the best practices available in production and packaging, and hire people with special needs for this process so that our business is also an employment opportunity for such people. We apologize in advance for any defective product. Should you receive a defective product, please notify us by email and provide details and a picture of the defect.

Placing an order

Purchasing products in the Soul Creatures’ Land store is done by placing them in the shopping cart.

Once an order is placed, you will receive an initial notification of the receipt of your order details, indicating that the order has been received by the system only. Final confirmation will be given upon actual charging of the credit card.

Only once the website team is done reviewing your credit card information and obtaining the credit card company’s approval for your purchase, will your offer be considered practicable and the delivery processes for the products you have ordered will begin.

In case of a fault and/or error in the description of a product and/or service, their image, description, price or in any other detail, the website’s staff may cancel your purchase and you will not be charged for the canceled order.

Payment and delivery

Once a purchase in the Soul Creatures’ Land store is completed, the customer will be immediately charged the full amount for the purchased product, in accordance with the requested number of installments approved in the order. We are committed to a delivery time of up to 14 days (the Delivery Time).

Delivery Time will be calculated based on business days, i.e. Sunday through Thursday, excluding Fridays, holiday eves, Saturdays and holidays. Nevertheless, the website team does its best to keep delivery time ahead.

Prices on the website include VAT.

Product delivery by courier will be carried out in accordance with the delivery conditions of the shipping company commissioned by the website, and subject to the list of localities where same company provides delivery at the door. Should the commissioned shipping company be unable to deliver the product to the customer for any reason, including due to weather conditions and/or a security situation that could jeopardize the couriers’ life, this will be communicated to the customer and an alternative solution that is acceptable to both parties will be sought. It is hereby noted that, with regard to the cancellation of delivery due to the aforementioned conditions, the operators of the Soul Creatures’ Land website shall have exclusive consideration and authority.

We make great efforts to have our products reach our customers quickly and intact, and we apologize in advance for any mistake or inconvenience.

Shipping is done by Israel Post registered mail: each parcel is assigned a tracking number which is sent by e-mail or text message to the customer so that they may track the shipment on the Israel Post Registered Mail webpage.

Israel Post is working to improve, however, errors may occur, and so it is the customer’s responsibility to track the parcel and pick it up at the post office upon receiving a message that the parcel has arrived.

After opening the postage packaging, should it occur that the sent product is in the wrong language, the customer may call the Soul Creatures’ Land at 050-7225205 so we may rectify this.

In any event, do not open the product’s thin shrink wrapping (plastic) – this must remain intact for the exchange to take place.

In case the website’s offered methods of payment do not suit the customer, the customer may call the Soul Creatures’ Land at 050-7225205 and we will work to find a suitable solution.

We would be happy to receive your suggestions and ideas through our Facebook page:

Canceling an order

Any purchase may be canceled within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt, provided that the original packaging is intact.

Once you have notified our team, you may return the product by mail to the given address. Once the products are returned, you will be credited with their price (excluding shipping) less the return shipping cost (if applicable). Upon inspection of the product, should the website team find that its condition is not new, in its original intact packaging, including all product components, the website team will not be obligated to approve the return of the product and in such case the product will be sent back to the customer.

 Cancellation Procedure:

* Cancellation up to two weeks before the workshop – entitles to a complete refund

Product integrity

In the event that you receive a product that is not intact upon delivery, you will not be charged the shipping, packaging, return or handling fees.

Any product that may be recorded, transcribed or duplicated, which original packaging was opened, may not be returned or replaced, unless they were found to be defective. In the event of a defective product, you may send the product to our team including a note describing the problem. Once we receive your inquiry, we will resend a new product to you in accordance with your original order provided it is in stock. The right to return or replace a product and/or service is subject to additional restrictions as stipulated by Law.

Additional Terms

The Soul Creatures’ Land will not be held liable in the event that a customer’s purchase is not registered in the system and/or any other technical problem does not allow a website visitor to purchase products.

The website’s team reserves the right to change prices without notice.

Should an error occur in printing, product description and/or price, payment terms, product image or any other printed material, or in the reception of data from a website visitor, the website team may, but is not obligated to, cancel any specific purchase.

The Soul Creatures’ reserves the right to change these rules and policy from time to time.


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