The Soul Creatures' Land

The Magical Powers and Imps Within Us

The Soul Creatures’ Land therapeutic cards


Efrat Maayan

“The Soul Creature’s Land” is a therapeutic-educational tool, developed in order to assist children, adolescents, and adults in their journey of mental and emotional development, improve their self-awareness, better understand and express themselves, enhance self-esteem and the ability for emotional and behavioral self-regulation.

It is an emotional language that aids us in getting to know our fascinating inner world, to recognize the variety of contradictions and voices within us and facilitate a dialogue between them. To examine fixated patterns of behavior and thinking, and discover inherent powers of change and transformation.

The cards were designed by the artist Shalom Kveller, after much deliberation on the graphic manifestation of the various inner voices and images. 

They are suitable for therapy, life-coaching,  group facilitation,  education and family dialogue, and can be used with children, adolescents, and adults.

This tool was developed out of a deep belief in the healing powers latent in the human soul. It enables the enhancement of these powers, as well as an examination of the factors which hinder and delay their use.

This tool is based on metaphorical work which enables bringing subconscious matters to the surface, to circumvent protections and barriers, and change the emotional atmosphere. Thus it allows addressing harsh emotional issues in a “playful” manner and exposes weaknesses and pain in a non-threatening manner.

Use with children: This tool is designed to assist therapists, parents and teachers in helping children build and strengthen the powers of their ego, by learning to recognize the impulses and emotions that drive their behavior and acquire an emotional language that encourages more control of it. As a result, children may develop tools that help them overcome their fears and destructive behaviors, better cope with discipline problems and learn how to turn weaknesses into strengths.


Imps serve as a metaphor for impulses, urges, emotions and behavioral and thinking patterns which, when “taken over” by them – lead us to behave or feel in a way that is harmful to us or to our environment. These metaphors allow us to address “negative” feelings, behaviors and aspects in a less threatening manner, to externalize and personify them – which paves the way for the possibility of creating a dialogue with them and gaining the motivation required to deal with them.

For example:

The imp of impulsivenessThe Imp of disappointment and frustrationThe Imp of fear of failureThe Imp of confusion, The Imp ofperfectionism  “Mr. Perfect” …..

When we use this language,  instead of saying “this child\adult is aggressive”, we may say: “the imp of anger took over him\her”. The consequences of the angry child\adult’s behavior, may be referred to as “what happens when you let the imp of anger take over you”, then one may examine what price he\she pays as a result (people are angry with you, disappointed with you, you are being punished, prevented from privileges, people stay away from you, etc.).

child or adult, who learns to relate to their anger in this way, gradually begin to create a certain distance between their healthy ego powers, and the emotion of anger and aggressive impulse that follows. This distance becomes more tangible and clear when he\she is allowed to personify the anger – to imagine it as a “creature” with an appearance, voice, behavior patterns and the like.

With this method one may start creating an internal dialogue with the impulse that tries to take over – the mere fact of having this dialogue encourages a greater internal control. Such work with children, allows them to experience the adult who is with them (therapist, parent, teacher) not as someone who scolds them, is disappointed in them or upset with them, but as a supportive figure, who wishes to help them face their “imp” and prevent it from taking over. This way they feel less lonely in their vicious cycle, and less helpless facing their emotions and impulses. 

The Soul Creatures’ Land therapeutic cards samples


 The magical powers within us are the powers of our ego and the healing powers in our soul, which give us the ability to deal with internal and external difficulties. For example:

The power to believe in meThe power to contain emotionsThe power to recover from a crisisThe power to overcome fear

The mere “discovery” of these powers, the ability to examine them and name them – empowers and strengthens self-esteem and internal regulatory capacity. The use of this language encourages children and adults to strengthen their coping powers and raise their motivation to overcome their negative behaviors \ patterns.

For example, a child or adult who identified his\her “imp of anger”, understood the price they pay every time the imp takes over and are willing to confront the imp – will be happy to discover the “power to control anger”. In order to assist them with this, it is very important that the person helping them learns the language, empowers and compliments the smallest sign of attempt to do so. In this way, the patient \ child will acquire positive reinforcement, and feel pride and appreciation from those around them, facing their inner struggle against their aggressive impulses.

This tool encourages its users to identify various aspects of their mind and soul, to get to know more inner voices and emotions, and learn that they are all legitimate and are a part of them.

 This method enhances the capability of internal integration and mental work on the “unity of opposites“: acceptance and inclusion of a growing range of aspects of the self. It also enhances our ability to be the “conductor of our mind’s inner orchestra”: meaning, choosing the appropriate response for any situation and being controlled by feelings and impulses. This process allows for the expansion of inner freedom, strengthens social skills and positive adaptability to the environment.

The Soul Creatures’ Land therapeutic cards samples
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