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The language of The Soul Creatures’ Land, which serves as a foundation for this book, is a unique emotional language presented by therapeutic cards depicting magical powers and imps, named the Soul Creatures’ Land. Through this language, children and adults alike learn to tap into their inner resources, identify inhibitions and discover the ability to manage their emotional world in a way that contributes to their development.

This book provides effective tools for developing self-awareness and self-empowerment, and for discovering the ability to regulate emotions and behaviors. It contains instructions for parents, teachers, and therapists, together with suggestions for complementary activities following the journey, the imps and the magical forces.

The Journey to the Land of Imps journal and workbook serves as a supplement to the book A Journey to the Land of Imps and the Soul Creatures’ Land therapy cards.

Its use encourages children and adults to deepen their ability to identify and enhance their mental strengths through a complete immersion in the Soul Creatures’ Land language; it is an important accessory to the Soul Creatures’ Land tools, and it facilitates the acquisition of its language.

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